A Software Editor and Librarian for the Elektron Octatrack DPS-1.

OctaZip is an intelligent archiving tool for use with Octatrack Sets and Projects. It provides Backup and Restore functionality whilst maintaining the referential integrity of both Source and Target Projects and associated Samples.

In essence OctaZip provides three core elements of functionality:

– The ability to seamlessly backup Octatrack Projects, all applicable files, all associated Samples and Sample Settings, into a single archive.

– The ability to seamlessly restore Octatrack Projects, all applicable files, and all associated Samples into a new Project, or existing Project, within an Octatrack Set; all whilst ensuring that existing files are not affected.

– The ability to quickly and easily migrate entire Octatrack Projects from a source Octatrack Set to a Target Octatrack Set without having any concerns about Project, files, and Sample conflicts.

Current Version: v1.0.000

Operating Systems: Windows (XP to 10) and OSX (10.5 to 10.12)

Octatrack OS: OSv1.25E and OSv1.25H


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